GST E Way Bill Login

GST E Way Bill Login is facilitated on the official website or the official portal of the Government of India ( To generate GST E Way Bill, it is very essential to take some steps that have to be followed in a strict manner by the taxpayers. For the generation of GST E Way Bill, it is also essential to have registration done on the E Way Bill Official Website for E Way Bill Account Login.

E-Way Bill Login, E Way Bill Sign up

E Way Bill Login

The business organizations need to have enrolled with GST E Way Bill Sign up themselves for the preparation of the GST bill for every time these companies transport goods of or above the value of Rs 50,000. There are many validity periods of e way bill along with the distance meter that the government of India has authorized.

After the final decision regarding the matter has got released, many steps and provisions are available on the generation methods of GST E Way Bill across the country. Moreover, there are many E Way Bill System that shall help you in obtaining the bills. There are three kinds of taxpayers under the E Way Bill

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  1. Registered or unregistered transporters.
  2. Registered suppliers.
  3. Unregistered suppliers.

Requirements GST E Way Bill?

  • The registered mobile number that is entered on E Way Bill Official Website.
  • GSTNIN of the transporter or taxpayer that is registered on E Way Bill Portal.

Steps to have registration for GST E Way Bill Sign up or GST E Way Bill Login for the registered suppliers:

  • Visit the official website of E way Bill portal that is;
  • Select the anchor link available on the “ E Way Bill Registration” on the extreme right-hand corner of the official website.
  • Then enter the captcha code along with GSTIN.  Select the “Go” button to log in to your E Way Bill Account Login.
  • Create the One Time Password and verify the process after going through the details.  The OTP will be sent to the mobile number that is registered on the official site.
  • Then create a User Id along with the password for it. You need to enter the User Id along with the password of your own choice. There will be a validation of the system, and an error will pop up in the case of any mistakes.

E-Way Bill Login, E Way Bill Sign Up

How To Register For E-Way Bill

The requirements for the process in such cases are:

  • The value of the consignment of goods of an individual supplier that exceeds the amount of Rs 50,000.
  • The value of goods in a single vehicle that is transporting exceeds Rs 50,000.

Meaning of ID of transporter

The ID of the carrier comes when the business company is unregistered; however, the value of the consignment is more than the amount of Rs 50,000. The E way bill of GST needs to be generated along with the ID of a transporter. The transporters that are unregistered shall be provided with an ID that has to be mentioned on all the E way bill of GST. After making the registration, two results shall crop in front of you:

  1. The unique ID of the transporter.
  2. Unique username for operation on the portal.

Action to be taken when goods are received from a supplier that is unregistered

In the case wherein goods are obtained from any unregistered supplier by any registered receiver, the goods’ receiver must comply with the proceedings that are meant for the generation of e way bill pretending that he is the supplier of the goods in reality. Therefore, the receiver needs to generate the e-way bill.

The generation of the E Way bill is important and similarly, the tracing of the E Way bill is necessary to make sure that the movement of the goods between different locations takes place in the most legal way. The effective tracing of the E Way Bill ultimately helps to design a robust monitoring system relating to the movement of goods between different states and locations.